Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paper Paper Paper

Who doesn't love paper, I know I absolutely, positively, love paper. Paper has so many versatile uses, you can write on it, draw on it, paint on it, fold it, rip it, wrap with it. You can make artwork with it, you can create a sale plan. There is just so much you can do with paper, Paper snowflakes, paper lanterns, paper wreaths, paper decorations, paper napkins. The paper that I am currently interested in is paper crafting, I have been taking a graphics art class and the woman who teaches the class her name is Angela and I must admit she inspires you to truly do your best when carving out her assignments with paper. Normally you would think ah one exacto blade per assignment should be just fine but I guarantee you that if you really want a project to come out super crisp you want to use more than one blade. My first project was to create 5 sheets of 8.5 X 11 cardstock and to make two scenes on each sheet showing a sequence of events. The second project was to choose a word and by using the font show the definition of the word. I chose the word burst and I think it went pretty good. I have many other projects that I think I will be trying here soon and all to do with paper. Paper is so much fun it is much like thread you just can't help but have fun with it.

The cool part with working with such detail work on paper it does help to increase my awareness of how to slow down and take my time with thread and fabric as well. Something that I truly need to do a lot of.

I have so many ideas that go on in my head that I become so intent on finishing it so I can go to the next one that I soon rush the project and inevitably it causes me frustration.

Next I will introduce you to George, he was quite fun to make.