Monday, September 5, 2016

A Change Up

I started my next leg of my education journey last week, I began my first semester as CSUSM in order to gain my Bachelors in Liberal Studies. The week was hectic and full of time deadlines, learning where I had to go, what each class was expecting. I am carrying a full 15 credits this semester that is 5 classes, so my time in my sewing room will be very limited.

So, I had mentioned to my husband that things in my sewing room were quite crowded. I had decided to exchange a heavy wardrobe that I was storing my threads and other odds and ends in with the bookshelf that I had stored my fabric on. The bookshelf fits snugly in the closet and doesn't fill the closet up completely nor does it stick out like the wardrobe did.  This is the wardrobe and you can see it had lots of wonderful drawers and it was a beautiful sturdy piece, but it was just to large for the room that I used it in. The picture on the right is the book case I switched the wardrobe for.

My plan is to sort my thread by color and place them inside small plastic tubs and I will be able to store them on the shelves. The fabric I switched to another bookcase that at the moment is in my dining room. And the reason it is in my dining room is because as I was doing all this rearranging I mentioned that I would like to also remove the large corner desk that I had my machines setting on and find smaller tables to use for the machines. And that is when my husband told me he could build me a nice set up that would allow me to rearrange and change my room up as I wanted.

He also suggested that we actually remove the shelves that we had put up to hold our books as they were in the way of utilizing the wall space at this point. Of Course this emptied all the wall space and as I walked in I realized that this would be the perfect time to paint the walls a lighter color as the green that we had painted the room in actually didn't allow me to see the true color of some fabrics. He agreed to repaint the room for me as well. And because, my class load is so heavy this semester the chances of me actually being able to use my sewing room are very slim this was actually a great time to do all the changes.

It is truly amazing to have a partner that not only supports you emotionally, physically, and mentally but also looks for ways to surprise you almost on a daily basis.