Thursday, June 22, 2017

Unfinished Projects also known as UFO's 2017

Every January everyone makes New Year's Resolutions, well people who do crafts do a UFO Challenge and this consists of listing all the projects that they have going at the first of the year and once a month they attempt to concentrate on finishing one of those projects. Like most crafters, I too did a list for this year and this is what my list looked like on January of 2017. Now these are only 13 projects, some of which I had started some of which I had the material but had not managed to do yet.

Project                       Status Before    1/1/2017         Status Now 6/22/2017           Date When Finished

1. Lion                                3/4's sewn                        Still 3/4's sewn
2. Dragon                           1/3 embroidered               closer to 2/3's embroidered
3. Pat Sloans Secret Garden      7 blocks left to piece and border                                        6/21/2017
4. Crocheted Baby Blanket      5 inches left to crochet                                                 1/4/2017
5. Hidden Star Blanket                                                                                                  1/7/2017

6. Splendid Sampler                                   about 95 blocks left
7. 2 halloween wall hangings                       binding left to do                                  1/6/2017
8. Jack Skeleton                                         binding                                                     1/6/2017
9. Mrs. Skeleton                                              binding                                               1/9/2017
10. Peacock                                               not started
11. Pinocchio                                            not started
12. Wedding Quilt                                    not started                                                  6/21/2017 have                                                                                                                                pictures, started quilt top
13. Harry Potter                                 not started

So for the most part I have made great progress on my unfinished projects, and I am still working on the other projects but am having problems deciding how I want to do the other projects, like the peacock, pinocchio, and the wedding quilt. I still need to figure those out, the embroidery project will take me awhile and I don't really see that one being completed this year but we shall see.  Harry Potter is a paper piecing project and that will also take some time and practice. The others I will continue to see how it goes.