Friday, July 14, 2017


I have been doing a lot of prepping this week for some hand sewing projects. A part of me thinks I should save them for when I go back to classes, however, I have been doing a lot of appointments as well. One of the projects that I have been working on is called the Splendid Sampler, which are 6 1/2 inch blocks a little over a hundred of them each one different it involves paper piecing, applique, embroidery, and regular piecing. I love applique, embroidery, and piecing is nice too, however paper piecing is something that I have not really done so well at, and I know in order to get better at it I must first practice it. Paper piecing intimidates me to no end though.

So the Splendid Sampler information can be found here at this link Splendid Sampler there is also a Facebook page which can be found here: Facebook Page for Splendid Sampler. These are the blocks I have finished prepping this week. We shall see how many I actually save or finish this weekend.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

No Matter What

Sometimes I have some really good intentions and yet, those intentions never turn into action. Ideas for projects go through my head at about 100 mph. Sometimes I get a firm grip on one and I hold on until I can pull the project from my mind into reality. Other times, I see the project fairly clear and I do just the part that is clear and wait for the finished idea to zoom through my head. Then there are those times where the idea is so clear but my skill level is not where it should be, those are the hardest projects to get started. I really dislike caving into fear or trepidation, those were two emotions that held me back for the longest time. I recently had a birthday, it was a nice birthday, I didn't look at what wasn't in my life, I did crave things that will never be. My daughter came over and made little tags for my thread cabinet that my husband built for my studio. I went and picked up my feather weight from being serviced and got to go and eat some Chinese food, it was a bit sweeter then I like but it was nice. I heard from all the ones who love me and wish for me to be in their lives. But most of all I was able to work on some of my projects and watch my best friend and partner work on a project that he has wanted to do for a while. It is really nice when you find that person who compliments your life in every way. With each passing day I am still learning that term "No Matter What".

So here is some eye candy of the projects I have been working on and my new thread cabinet.
 This is my thread cabinet, it has 13 drawers, with a nice natural finish on it, it was designed by my husband and built over time as he does have a full-time job that he does as well as build fun new toys for me.

This is a quilt I finished up this year it is Pat Sloan's Secret Garden  which can be found here: My Secret Garden

And finally a picnic quilt my daughter started several years ago that I finished up this summer as well.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Unfinished Projects also known as UFO's 2017

Every January everyone makes New Year's Resolutions, well people who do crafts do a UFO Challenge and this consists of listing all the projects that they have going at the first of the year and once a month they attempt to concentrate on finishing one of those projects. Like most crafters, I too did a list for this year and this is what my list looked like on January of 2017. Now these are only 13 projects, some of which I had started some of which I had the material but had not managed to do yet.

Project                       Status Before    1/1/2017         Status Now 6/22/2017           Date When Finished

1. Lion                                3/4's sewn                        Still 3/4's sewn
2. Dragon                           1/3 embroidered               closer to 2/3's embroidered
3. Pat Sloans Secret Garden      7 blocks left to piece and border                                        6/21/2017
4. Crocheted Baby Blanket      5 inches left to crochet                                                 1/4/2017
5. Hidden Star Blanket                                                                                                  1/7/2017

6. Splendid Sampler                                   about 95 blocks left
7. 2 halloween wall hangings                       binding left to do                                  1/6/2017
8. Jack Skeleton                                         binding                                                     1/6/2017
9. Mrs. Skeleton                                              binding                                               1/9/2017
10. Peacock                                               not started
11. Pinocchio                                            not started
12. Wedding Quilt                                    not started                                                  6/21/2017 have                                                                                                                                pictures, started quilt top
13. Harry Potter                                 not started

So for the most part I have made great progress on my unfinished projects, and I am still working on the other projects but am having problems deciding how I want to do the other projects, like the peacock, pinocchio, and the wedding quilt. I still need to figure those out, the embroidery project will take me awhile and I don't really see that one being completed this year but we shall see.  Harry Potter is a paper piecing project and that will also take some time and practice. The others I will continue to see how it goes. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Designing a Special Request

So I have a Disney Lover or two in my life today both girls, and I have been wanting to design something that is one of a kind representing Disney for one of them as a request, they told me that no matter what size I made it they would make room for it. So this week I began to use adobe photoshop to create the pieces that I wish to use, and I wrote to Disney to request permission to use the images. I am not sure if they will allow me to do so but since I am not asking to sell the images and to create an art piece so we shall see if they will allow me to do so. I always prefer to get permission it could take up to 8 weeks for permission.

So I went to Universal Studios this past week for the first time and had a blast with my daughter going through the Hogsmeade and visiting the shops there. It was really fun seeing my daughter finally find her Hufflepuff outfit.

So my idea for the art piece includes Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocohontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rpunzal, Merida, Anna and Elsa and of Course Tinkerbell. And the castle.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another Semester Down and Another Year starting

I had hoped to be able to post more in 2016 and in some ways I succeeded and other ways I did not. My first semester at Cal State San Marcos was even busier then I thought it would be. Besides having the 5 classes it was filled with taking extra tests, tutoring, CPR, and lots of other things. My two cats got sick and here it is the last day of 2016 and one of my cats is still sick, however, she does seem to be on the mend. I went to the East Coast and had a wonderful time there seeing my nephew and niece-in-law graduate and get married, met a friend for the first time in person, that was very special. My husband had surgery, so to say the least it has been a very busy year.

Even though there have been good and bad events scattered throughout the year, I have had some really wonderful things as well. For my start towards my bachelor's degree my husband redid my sewing room. We converted a bedroom to be used as my sewing room as originally I used the living room as we don't entertain all to often. However, I really wanted my room to be self contained so with some chopping down of my work table we moved it to the bedroom but it was just to cramped in there. So in August my husband stripped the room down and patched and painted the walls to a nice bright white, and he put in some built in shelves for me, mounted my t.v. and then made specific tables for each of my machines, including the computer and printer.
       This was my set up before
 Very crowded and messy
 this was my cutting table 
 my closet
 my design wall
 My new set up gives me a lot more space and storage

It took a little while to complete due to the fact that my husband also works full time and we had so 
much going on but it was finished in time for me to enjoy over my break between semesters. I will truly enjoy creating in here. He is also creating an organizer for my closet, that I will show you once it is all done and then we plan on getting one of those roll up design walls. Enjoy the remainder of this year, and I hope that next year brings peace and quiet for all.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Change Up

I started my next leg of my education journey last week, I began my first semester as CSUSM in order to gain my Bachelors in Liberal Studies. The week was hectic and full of time deadlines, learning where I had to go, what each class was expecting. I am carrying a full 15 credits this semester that is 5 classes, so my time in my sewing room will be very limited.

So, I had mentioned to my husband that things in my sewing room were quite crowded. I had decided to exchange a heavy wardrobe that I was storing my threads and other odds and ends in with the bookshelf that I had stored my fabric on. The bookshelf fits snugly in the closet and doesn't fill the closet up completely nor does it stick out like the wardrobe did.  This is the wardrobe and you can see it had lots of wonderful drawers and it was a beautiful sturdy piece, but it was just to large for the room that I used it in. The picture on the right is the book case I switched the wardrobe for.

My plan is to sort my thread by color and place them inside small plastic tubs and I will be able to store them on the shelves. The fabric I switched to another bookcase that at the moment is in my dining room. And the reason it is in my dining room is because as I was doing all this rearranging I mentioned that I would like to also remove the large corner desk that I had my machines setting on and find smaller tables to use for the machines. And that is when my husband told me he could build me a nice set up that would allow me to rearrange and change my room up as I wanted.

He also suggested that we actually remove the shelves that we had put up to hold our books as they were in the way of utilizing the wall space at this point. Of Course this emptied all the wall space and as I walked in I realized that this would be the perfect time to paint the walls a lighter color as the green that we had painted the room in actually didn't allow me to see the true color of some fabrics. He agreed to repaint the room for me as well. And because, my class load is so heavy this semester the chances of me actually being able to use my sewing room are very slim this was actually a great time to do all the changes.

It is truly amazing to have a partner that not only supports you emotionally, physically, and mentally but also looks for ways to surprise you almost on a daily basis.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pental Fabric Pastels

Awhile back my husband purchased me the Pentel Arts Pastel Dye Sticks I had never used these particular art sticks before so I thought I would test them out. First these are much softer than I thought they would be. They glided onto the fabric easily. They did not go on as smoothly as I thought they would, however, for a first attempt I think the project came out alright. Now it states to remove any starch or sizing from the fabric to maintain the color after washing. You use an iron to heat set the color onto the fabric. I did not remove the sizing from the panel that I used as it would have made the fabric very slippery as I was coloring it. And since I will only be washing this periodically as it will be a wall hanging, I felt that it would be easier to just leave the sizing in. 

I placed a piece of comic board between the fabric and the work area, that was in case there was any color bleed from the pastels. As these pastels feel much like oil pastels they can disperse through the fabric onto your work table.
This was the panel prior to adding color, this panel can be gotten here at

This is after I added the color. The colors came out lighter then I thought they would.However, I believe that I came out fairly well.

 All in all I believe that these deserve some more playtime from me. Once I quilt this panel I will post an updated post. I will wash the panel after the quilting is finished and will know how the color holds up.