Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Progress of Organization

In March of this year, I began the process of really going through all my craft supplies and attempt to put some order to them. I have made progress but I realized that I would be at this non-stop because not only do I go through supplies I keep buying more supplies, the key I have found is when I get more supplies is that I put those supply's away right away.

I cleaned up my fabric shelves so it works better. But I have also finished some projects up as well. I finished quilting and binding my Globetrotting Quilt design from Pat Sloan. And I pieced together another top by Pat Sloan her vacation time quilt. I used a lot of batiks in this quilt and really like how it came out. I still need to quilt and bind it but it is going along.

Below is my fabric shelves that I organized by wrapping my fabric around comic book boards. It really helps a lot.

 I got a new Accuquilt Go for Christmas and it is on its own little stand. I re-purposed an butcher block cabinet on wheels for my Accuquilt Go.
 My husband resized my cutting table again for me so that it fits better in the space available to me it about 36 inches by 72 inches. It works much better as I am short so it was difficult to reach across the table to the window.
 And he built me a nice shelf for my serger and a rack for some of my rulers. It is coming together for me in my sewing room.
Becoming organized is not an easy thing for me as I have so many projects that interfere with the process. The more I attempt to organize the more more projects I begin to think about as I run across stuff. However, I am determined to one day have it well organized.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Living Life on Life's Terms

Between Life which for me is taking care of my family, going to school and building a sewing room that is just perfect for me. Every day I wake up and I get to live the life I always dreamed about as a child. It was a long time in coming for me you see I had to get over my childhood first. Today is different for me, today I have a loving husband, loving kids, I have a home that is coming together that actually fits my husband and I.

I have a small break in between semesters and I plan on making the most of it. I have been working on several projects some are further along then others, however, all have made progress. My current obsession is what I call my Mardi Gras Girl, she was a picture in a coloring book and I wanted something larger than that so I created her out of fabric.
 Then at first I attempted to cut the design out of freezer paper and realized that I was doing a lot of extra work when what I really needed to do was trace the design on the heat n bond and adhere that to the fabric and then cut out the design.
 This is the fabric that I chose to go behind the main design. It is really nice fabric but it does have a few problems the silver in it is like tinsel for a Christmas Tree so it is very delicate and can be difficult to work with but I did manage to keep going at it.
 I cut the design out of a heavier denim like fabric with an exacto knife that took about a week to do in between my classes.

 I then added a white satin for the face and a green sateen for the eye color and red cotton fabric for the lips. I then proceeded to zig zag around all of the cuts so that they would remain fairly intact. That took me approximately 9 days to do. It was really difficult to get the zig zag around all those crazy curves. At first I used a blue thread and I really didn't like that so I had to take that out and then proceeded with the black so that it would blend in with the main background fabric.
 This is a semi close up of the eye. Not bad for never having done this before.
 A look at the face.
 This is it under my needle on my sewing machine.
 Here is where I have attached some straight ribbon but then I got the idea that I really wanted some spiral ribbon on here. So that began the search on how to get the ribbon to spiral and someone gave me the perfect method to do it.
 And here are some of my spiral ribbons.
 here I attached the spiral ribbons and I like it but I am thinking that I want to do a combination of spiral and straight ribbons so she is still hanging on my design wall until I figure out exactly what I want to do next with her.
 And here are two wall hangings that I completed for our dining room and the fantastic quilt hangers my husband built for me to display them with. The quilt hangers are made from Knotty Alder and they are just perfect as quilt hangers and they give me some additional shelf space for my smaller knick knacks.

So I have a few weeks before my next semester starts and the second to last at the community college. Then I will know by March if I have been accepted at the university of my choice to continue on to get my bachelors. We shall see. What I do know is that I will be spending most of my time in my sewing room until the next semester begins.

Friday, March 20, 2015

March oh March

March has been a very busy month for me. It is the beginning of Spring, the middle of the Semester, and this year it was the month that my youngest moved out. Her moving out of course opened up a room for my sewing ensemble to go into. This affected a total of four rooms in our home. Originally I set my sewing up in the living room and then it carried over to parts of the dining room. For over 21 years I have never had a room that I could dedicate solely to my crafts and now that I do I find that it is not as easy to do as you would think.

Because I have accumulated many things that I use when sewing to go from being spread out all over to being consolidated to one location. Hmm, logistics is an interesting concept, I have begun the dismantling though and we are on our way. We moved the office into the room where the lighting isn't quite as good so that when I sew I will have as much natural lighting as I can get. We took off one side of my craft table as I have my desk that my husband built me several years ago that I will be using for my embroidery machine. I am also considering letting go of one of my embroidery machines as it is difficult to use two machines at the same time.

I took a few pictures this area is where my light table is set-up in our new office. It will be much easier I think to actually be in a different room from my sewing for this portion.
 As you can see I have a lot of fabric and books, that will need to be organized and cleaned up.
 This is the wall where my design wall will go.
 Under all of this is the desk that my husband built for me that will soon hold my embroidery machines.
 And there you see a small glimpse of my crafting table and the window which it will set next to.
The nice part of all of this is once it is finished than I will have a regular living room, dining room and oddly enough still a full house. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update on my museum piece

On February 22, 2015 I posted photos about the Visions Museum Challenge that I am involved in. The Challenge was to create a 10" X 14" abstract piece. I finished that piece this month. It was quite the challenge as it was intended to be. I didn't even know what was considered abstract, so I did some research and then began drafting my idea. I then went and got several different fat quarters and decided to go with the dark brown background. I used an applique method but first I sewed the little pieces together by hand. I enjoyed this challenge and will probably do more. 
This will hang at the 

Visions Museum 
2825 Dewey Road 
Suite 100 
San Diego, Ca 92106

And the link to their website

 The fat quarters I chose to use.
 Design I thought about.
 The little squares I sewed by hand then appliqued on.
The completed piece abstract one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

San Diego Cruisin Quilters

On February 26, 2015 my day was quite active, my husband even took the day off to spend it with me. We put over 200 miles on his truck and spent the day driving around San Diego County. We haven't done that since we were searching for a home to purchase a few years back. We started our morning off driving first to Visions Art Museum located at 2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100 San Diego, Ca 92106. I am a member there and enjoy a monthly gathering of local textile artists, currently their exhibition is Expressions of Equality they have some wonderful pieces in there that are well worth seeing. This is their website http://visionsartmuseum.org/index.asp

I participated in the San Diego Cruisin' Quilter Run this date as well.The run actually ran from From February 27, to March 8, 2015 with pre-registered runners getting the early bird time. During the run I visited 13 quilt shops in the San Diego area. This was the very first time I ever did a run like this it was definitely a learning experience for me. With each shop you visited they gave you a pattern either a paper pieced pattern or an applique pattern. Each pattern was related to a central theme, this runs theme was Pirates. Each shop large or small had some form of give away involved. What I found was that not each shop offered the raffle to everyone who did the run. Because this was the first time I did the run I wasn't sure exactly what occurred during a quilt shop run. The first shop I went to was Rosie's Calico Cupboard Quilt Shop. Rosie's shop was a large well equipped shop, it had various fabric areas and many different notion areas. The people were friendly and informative. They had several different events running for this quilt shop run. Everyone participating in the run were given an opportunity to participate in their events. They gave you beads to wear to the shop during the 11 days of the quilt run if you wore these beads and made a purchase of $25.00 or more you would get a raffle ticket to enter into their drawings. They also included an ability to win a treasure chest as well. A nice shop to visit and well worth a visit. It is located on El Cajon Blvd in San Diego.

Another shop that I visited was the Quilter's Cottage it was in Fallbrook Ca. They have several different fabrics available as well as fabrics below $9.00 a yard it is all good quality fabric. They had a long arm quilter set up in their shop and have a quilter there who could quilt tops for you. Very friendly workers, and a nice clean shop, plenty of space so you didn't feel claustrophobic. They are quite a distance from my home though so not sure I will be able to visit them often. The different events they had going were offered to everyone even those they had never met like me.

Cozy Creative Center was a nice shop tucked away in a little shopping center, nice sewing class area, however they were not all inclusive on their raffles, I watched several women fill out raffle tickets before me but I was not offered one, nor did I ask for one, as this was an event hosted by them I felt I shouldn't have asked. They were located at 756 Jamacha Road, El Cajon, Ca 92019. They were quite busy though but the woman in control of the event was a bit overwhelmed with people, I am thinking it might have been better if they might have more than one person.

Memory Lane Quilt shop located at 1626 N. Magnolia Avenue El Cajon Ca 92020 had a really cute block for the run it was a parrot. Small shop nice workers.

Paradise Sewing located at 12639 Poway Road, Poway Ca 9206. Was a nice shop as well they had a small selection of fabric, a nice large sewing classroom, they have dedicated space for the Pfaff and Baby lock machines. Again a nice clean shop, small but a nice variety of notions, though they were not all inclusive with their raffles either.

Now one of the interesting shops that I visited was Eleanor Burns shop Quilt in a Day, I had no idea that she was located in San Diego, for some reason I always thought she was somewhere in the Mid-West. Large shop, many discounts, tons of fabric all nicely separated and  marked. Eleanor even had her own parking spot. They had a separate room where her videos were taped. She had a nice sewing classroom there as well. I found the space to be crammed full of fabric and notions, however, it also caused me to feel very claustrophobic.

Aretoy Quilt Shop located at 4749 Oceanside Blvd Suite A Oceanside California was a very nice friendly shop they had several different little cubbies in which to look and they had a a couple of different events that they made sure everyone participated in and were aware of them. Which was nice for a newbie quilt shop runner.

The Fat Quarters Quilt Shop located at 728 Civic Center Drive Vista California 92084 was a quaint little shop with some beautiful wall hangings that I really loved. They were unique designs and very beautiful batik fabric.

Inspirations Quilt Shop located at 27350 Valley Center Road #B Valley Center Ca 92082 was a little difficult to locate. They had a lot of space which I really liked they also had a long arm machine there and do offer long arm quilting services there. They have a large area for sewing classes and group classes. They actually had a lot of fabric to choose from.

Annie's Quilting Den located at 1876 W. El Norte PKWY Escondido, Ca 92026 was a small shop jam packed with fabric and notions. They did have a nice pattern for the run it was a Compass Rose. Wasn't made aware of any raffles or events with this shop.

The Grand Country Quilters located at 801 Grand Avenue, Suite 1, San Marcos, Ca 92078 was another small shop jammed packed with items. They have a very active class schedule and are very friendly folks. If there were any raffles or anything I wasn't made aware of them though.

Bits & Pieces located at 12625 Danielson Ct #111 Poway Ca, 92064 was a little difficult to find they were in a large warehouse type district. Not sure if there were in any raffles or events they were hosting as I wasn't informed. I am not likely to return to this shop as it was extremely claustrophobic and difficult to locate and was not overly inclusive.

The CraZy 9 Patch now this quilt shop is local to me and they are very friendly woman, it is housed in a yellow house at 2260 Main Street, Ramona Ca 92065. Their block for the run was the treasure chest. This was the last house on the run for me and I actually didn't get to it until Saturday Morning and they were already busy by the time I got there about 10 am. I dropped my passport off there and and got my pin and year  at this shop as well as purchased some batik fabric.

So all in all I found some nice quilt shops, within San Diego County. Some I will visit again and others I will not. I find being a new quilter that the more informative and inviting a shop is the better it is for me and the more I wish to continue to bring my business to them. When someone tells you that they are trying something for the first time I find that often people will glide over that fact. Taking up quilting isn't a cheap hobby especially when you are finding that most people have a preference for the quality of fabric, or a specific machine that is the absolute dream machine. For me though, I find that it is about the journey the people who I meet along the way, the ones that no matter how new I am the first thing they are asking for isn't money but the passing of knowledge. Everyone has to make a living, and when you do an event such as this sometimes it is the new person you want to pay attention to insure that they feel as welcomed as the regular customers for they are potential regulars.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

First Museum Challenge

I am working on my first Vision Museum Challenge. The challenge was to create a 10" X 14" abstract piece. I wasn't a hundred percent sure what abstract was except it usually deals with shapes or something that represents something but doesn't look exactly like it. I know that abstract art is by definition "art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures." So with this definition in mind I collected several fat quarter pieces and a fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures 18" X 22" and a half yard of fabric so about 18" X 42". I then laid my fabrics out one on top of the other and I took a photo of them.
From this photo I then edited the photo to a black and white photo. And by changing the photo to black and white I could see that I had a good range of dark, medium and light choices. So even though I had a large variety of colors the tones of the fabric  blended well together.
I then began to layout several different designs as to how I wanted to do my piece. I knew that I was going to do some hand appliqueing for this piece since it was such a small piece and applique is something I don't have a lot of experience with. 

 Once I had a general idea of what I wanted I then sewed the small squares together I cut squares out 1- 1/2" X 1-1/2" both in colored fabric and in black fabric. I then folded a 1/4"  under on all four sides and pressed the sides under and then sewed each colored square onto the black squares so just two sides of the black fabric showed.
I then sewed the strips onto the brown background fabric  and added the squares in where I wanted them. I used a blanket stitch to add the strips and squares to my background fabric.

I then quilted with a monofiliment thread. Will finish the sleeve, label and binding soon. And it will go on display at the Vision Museum in April.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Staying Busy

It always seems that the beginning of the year is a time for refocusing and evaluating goals. This year is no different. Between working on the budget, taking classes and taking more classes, we have begun to look at what we want to accomplish around the home front this year. We have made arrangements to finally put in our French door and replace the sliding glass door that is something we have wanted to do since we first started remodeling our home. Our last child will be moving next month which will open up a room for my sewing, so we went out and purchased a new desk for me and a new chair to place in the sewing room. We drew out the dimensions of the sewing room and also drew out the pieces I wish to put into the sewing room so we know things will fit. We have already painted the rooms and done the laminate flooring so I don't have to worry about doing that but I will need to do some massive cleaning and rearranging soon.

I have been taking two classes at the school Graphic Arts and Photoshop II those take some time but it is all good. And I have also been taking a once a month sewing class and have a two day free motion quilting class coming up the end of this month.

So what have I been doing sewing wise, I completed the January and February blocks for Pat Sloan's vacation time quilt along. The first block is January and the second is February. I am using black as my primary background fabric and batiks as the focal fabric. I actually had to buy the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler in order to get my points to come out on my february block. In my January block if I don't redo it I will probably lose my points when I sew the sashing on but my february block came out pretty good.

 You can go here to join in with Pat Sloan's Mystery blocks

Here is the link for the Eleanor Burns Flying Geese ruler that I used.

I bought my rulers at a nice little quilt shop here locally at the Crazy 9 Patch Quilt Shop the ladies there were so helpful and it is a nice clean well kept shop.  Here is a link to their website.

And finally the wonderful quilt ruler storage center that my husband built for me. He is most definitely willing to make one for you as well. Feel free to contact me if you would like one of these as well.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Soon To Be An Empty Nester

My youngest just turned 21 will be moving into her own place in March. So during her waiting time she has been going through her furniture and she decided to let go of her piano. Which in turn opened up space in my dining room, her moving motivated me to begin to look around and see what things I liked and what things I wanted to change.

We have decided that her room we are going to take over for our office and the office is where I will set up my sewing area. So with that in mind I have decided to convert my L-Shaped desk into my sewing area and will use it to sew on with two of my machines. I am also going to convert the old glass top desk into a light table and printing station. I have already turned a bookcase into my fabric storage area. And my large filing cabinet has been converted to hold my patterns. I will be going through the patterns soon and most likely selling the patterns I never used and getting rid of the others one. I have lots of quilting patterns that I need to go through and organize. I realized that I have accumulated almost as many quilt pdfs, as I have accumulated embroidery patterns. Hoarding craft ideas is just something I have always done. Either today or tomorrow I will measure the room and furniture for the room and begin to decide how to set it up. Fortunately it is only being moved from one room to another and I have already begun to clean up and clear out stuff. So it won't be that big of a disruption in my sewing schedule. The final move date will be in March, this weekend we went and got a chair for my husband for in the sewing room so he can sit and browse his computer while I finish up. It always amazes me that he continues to support and encourage my sewing and crafting needs. He is truly my muse, he inspires me and gives great fabric color choice advice, he helped me this weekend go outside of my color comfort zone. One day I might even use a big print fabric.

I also did manage to finish my Globetrotting Quilt top by Saturday as I planned. I added the additional 4 inch border on it. And I am in the process of piecing the back together now. I am not doing any particular pattern with the back, I am just attempting to use the remaining fabric that I used in the front to create the backing. All the fabric originally came from my fabric collection, I had to buy more off white and more black and white polka dot, but otherwise this quilt is as they call it a stash buster, makes me happy. And I have made progress on my pattern for an crocheted umbrella for upcoming soon to be niece's wedding.
Going outside of my comfort zone to try new things is something that I resisted for a long time, however, I find that I invariable learn and grow when I do attempt to go outside of my comfort zone.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Quilt Along

Last year, I found a quilt along that I really wanted to try it was Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Quilt. At first it was a journey of trepidation and then it became a journey on precision. I wanted to work on cutting the pieces straight and as close to the right size as I could. Maybe I should have chosen a less complicated quilt along but you know I just don't roll that way. I choose a project by how much it screams at me to do it. And this screamed at me to do it. Now, I had a couple of goals, one was to cut as well as I could, two was to try and keep up, and three was to complete the quilt. I blew goal two because I did not figure on classes keeping me away from the sewing machine but hey you have to have a few failures in order to truly appreciate the successes.

I really like how Pat Sloan does her quilt alongs she gives detail cutting instructions and she also has a fabric line she uses for her quilt alongs. I am truly more of a solids kind of girl because I like to add my own embellishments, so I chose to do a black and cream quilt, I had a great deal of the fabric already on hand so it was pretty easy coming up with the colors I wanted to go with.

Here is the link to Pat Sloan's tutorials for the Globetrotting Quilt


And below is one of Pat Sloan's colorways of the quilt made in her fabric it is very bright and pretty isn't it. I could totally do a red, gray, and black version of this as well.

Another thing I like about Pat's tutorials is she walks you through the steps, which makes it really easy to follow. And she has a facebook page that she is constantly replying to questions and suggestions. She has a new Block of the Month started this month for 2015 it is called Vacation Time. Here is the link to that one as well:

I haven't started the Vacation Time yet but I do plan to right after I finish putting together the Globetrotting top. And that is the really exciting part. I am hoping that by Saturday, January 24, which just happens to be my daughter's 21st birthday as well, I will have the top completed.

The above picture is 3/4's of my blocks put together, and I did get one out of order but hey my goal was to cut better, and since I already blew the keeping up portion the third goal was to complete it. And I am doing pretty good with the 2 out of 3 thing. And for the most part I managed to hit the desired size on most of my blocks. I still have some work on finding that perfect 1/4" seam or scant 1/4" seam they all talk about. But I got quite a few points to line up and am pretty proud of myself as most of these blocks I have never made before.

This is a shot of all the border pieces I have cut and you see that white polkadot on black fabric that was such a heartache, those pieces are 2-1/2" by 6-1/2' pieces. I needed 54 of those pieces, yep you got it I ran out of fabric and I only needed 6 more pieces. So yesterday had to run to JoAnnes to see if I could find fabric similar as I bought this fabric years ago. Well, I found something similar but not close enough to just add the six pieces in, I will have to recut all 54 pieces, but what I will do is use all the remaining pieces from this quilt to piece together the back.

This is where I had to stop because I ran out of the fabric. I am confident though that I will be able to piece a nice backing with the remaining fabric from this adventure. I just keep repeating my motto of the year: "It's the journey not the destination that matters".

On another note, yesterday I also got a really nice trip to a lumber yard and while there I saw a tree trunk that was really cool. This particular lumber yard goes and gets trees that have fallen down or have been felled for safety reasons I guess so it is all pretty cool. But I grabbed a picture that I thought would be really cool if I could reproduce in fabric.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Time Gets Away From Me

I sometimes think that the time gods enjoy messing around in my life. I work really hard to get organized and do things in a timely manner. The problem is I never know how much time something is going to take. If it goes really well, no time at all. However, if I have to depend upon someone else to help me well then your looking at a whole different schedule. Now, my husband he is a meticulous man, he likes things nice and in order and that is how he works. Not surprising as he is in IT. He and I actually work quite well together. Now my daughter, well she can be a fanatic about her own belongings, but when it comes to doing something with others well she is less fanatic. My son, well he is like my daughter to some degree. So how do you get around having to manage other people's time schedule? Well, that is simpler said then done, according to others you work ahead. MMHMM!

Working ahead is really difficult when you have a full life. I began classes again on the 12th of January, originally I had 3 classes, registered several months ago for them. One of the classes required some big ticket items that I wasn't ready to purchase at this time, so bye-bye class. It would have been nice to know ahead of time about the big ticket items before hand. So, I quickly scanned the catalog and found another class to register in. Yep, you guessed it this is an accelerated class, however, that isn't too bad as I like the topic. But, because I just registered for the class I don't have the book yet. That is a problem. Then I have the one class I really wanted to take and that seems to be going ok, so far. The third class, I really thought I would enjoy, however, after attempting to read one chapter of 32 pages for the last week and a half. Yep, dropped the class. So what good is working ahead when your not sure what the outcome will be. And does it mean you should work ahead in everything you do?

I have found that there are areas in your life where you can't work ahead so the answer to the question is no you don't have to work ahead in everything you do. When scheduling look at the factors surrounding what your trying to do. If your baking a cake you know you have to have the ingredients to bake the cake and you only need to follow the directions and allot the amounted time as the directions tell you to. However, when your sewing or doing anything with a pattern in mind, your best bet is to break it down into sections. And due to my experiences so far this is how I have chosen to break my sections down.

The first thing I do when I am deciding on a project to do, I talk it over with my husband. He has great insight into how I actually do things, and he makes great suggestions. This section can take as long as it needs to, And if it is a project that doesn't really have a pattern it can take some time. There is no pressure here except what I put on myself.

The second thing I do, if I am using a pattern I gather the material. If I am not using a pattern then I am only guessing at what I think I need and sometimes my thoughts work and sometimes they don't. However, no matter what if I buy something for a specific project I have learned I need to put it all in one place. Either a ziploc bag or a plastic tote bin. I also need to write it down on the project notebook that I am doing, otherwise it is going to get lost or used for something else.

The third thing I do is prepare my material, that means if it needs to be prewashed, I do that, then I dry it and iron it to prepare for cutting. This in itself can take up to 2 days to do, depending on how much material I have. So give yourself the right amount of time.

The fourth thing I do is I begin to layout my design. With my embroidery work, I have found that I need several copies of the pattern, so if it is bigger then printer size I need to go to the copy center and get a couple of copies done. That will take at least a day.

The fifth thing I do is prep the material and break the work up into sections. And this step right here is where I begin to lose my time schedule. I allow a day or two to cut fabric all depends on how much right. But once I start to lose what I think is my time schedule well, then I begin to become anxious it isn't much at first but over time it grows.

The sixth thing I do is begin working, this step is where my anxiety really begins to grow. Not only because I feel at times that I take to much time but because I really want to see it finished.

So in reflection, time just gets away from me and I have to give myself a break and realize that Time takes Time. That the only schedule there is, is what is in front of you. So if your like me, slow down, enjoy the journey and quit trying to jump to the destination. I am beginning to think that my motto for 2015 is enjoy the journey, it isn't about the destination as that keeps popping up for me.

I am making progress on my project list from December 31, 2014 that I needed to finish.

Unfinished Projects

Quilting Projects

Globetrotting Quilt

Lonestar quilt

rag quilt -Just need to put binding on

Aurifil Quilt

Embroidery and Sewing Projects

Love Squares


Christmas Window Hanging- Sewing on the last pieces by hand.


Crocheting Projects 

Umbrella- Have gotten it to about 12 inches needs to be 36 inches

So with that I leave you with this saying. Found on the web.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday January 12, 2015

I wasn't able to get near as much done this past weekend as I had hoped to get done, I embroidered a gift for someone but I still need to complete it. I did get two BOM's done, these are for Elefantz's block of the month, here is the link to her blog:
I am starting 3 online classes this term and will still be doing my projects and hopefully updating my blog. I did figure out how I was going to finish one of my WIP's (works in progress). Got the pieces embroidered on the machine and just need to sew those down.

I have 4 of these to sew down and then this should be finished.
This is a corner block for Globetrotting

 The blocks for Globetrotting I still have 2 more corner blocks to do and two more blocks for the pattern itself and then I just have the sashing and border to do. Then to quilt it.

And finally my daughter sold her piano this weekend so now I have a possible spot for the Singer Treadle Machine that she bought for me.