Friday, August 4, 2017

I started another Quilt Along

I Wish You A Merry Quilt Along started this week and even though my classes start this month along with my clinical I thought hey that is kind of cute I think I will start this quilt along. I really like applique and this one is a nice design to practice applique with. So if you wish to join along here is the link to I Wish You A Merry Quilt . Now the others chose to do a raw edge applique or they did a zig zag satin stitch for their blocks. I have been wanting to really practice the needle turn edge applique method. Here are some videos on needle turn applique:


So the first thing I did was I downloaded the pattern and I drew out my templates, I used a cut away stabilizer to draw my shapes out on as it is something that doesn't need to be removed from the shape once you have turned the edges and it doesn't create a gummy mess on your needle either. You can draw the shape right onto your fabric if you choose, however sometimes when you do that whatever you used to draw the shape may not come out of the fabric.  Once you have your templates cut out then you cut out the fabric to fit the shape leave at least a 1/4 inch around the shape so that you have fabric to turn. As you see in the pictures below. The template is white and the fabric is a dark stormy blue marble. then you begin to crease the 1/4 inch of fabric over the template. This process can take time, so if you can lower your ironing board down pull up a chair, turn on show, music, or a movie and grab something to drink and relax. Now a nice way to get a really nice crisp edge to this is to take a small open container and spray some fabric sizing into it not a whole lot as it drys out pretty fast. Use a nice smooth paintbrush and brush the fabric sizing along the 1/4 inch of fabric. Once you brush the sizing begin turning and pressing the fabric over onto the template. To get a nice smooth turn use an orange stick or a Point Turner Tool like this one : Dritz Point turner

Once you have your edges turned then decide if your going to sew by hand or use a blanket stitch to attach to the background. As I do want to practice my needle turn applique I chose to hand stitch, I have a project in mind that is just stunning however, the amount of detail in the applique is daunting and I want to have a few practice pieces under my belt before I start this project.

fabric and template cut to size
1/4 inch of fabric being creased over template
edges folded over ready to sew.

So there you have it my completed block without quilting for the I wish you a Merry Quilt Along


  1. Love it! So glad you are sewing along!

  2. I love your color choices! Making these blocks can give you a little sanity break in the midst of your busy schedule. :)