Thursday, August 10, 2017

I am not a Squealer! I'm Not! Really

There are many things that I am and am not. One of the things that I am not is I am not a squealer. Now in case your unclear of what a squealer is here is a video of squealing . With this being said may I just say that I also did not jump up and down either as shown in video. But what I did do was I started my Harry Potter quilt and it came out so much better then I could have hoped it would.

 My crystal ball it worked, it really really worked and it looks good it really really does even in a picture it looks good.

So a wonderful lady named Jennifer Ofenstein began creating Fandom quilt patterns and she offers them free here at Fandom In Stitches. I have wanted to do this quilt since 2011 but I have been going to school for so long and I had never done paper piecing and it looked so complicated and what if I couldn't do it yada yada yada. But I did it and it came out it really came out. I have been really tense lately as I have this big test coming up on Saturday and I just know I am going to fail it, maybe I should say that but I just know I am going to and I really am not prone to exaggeration but then again I don't like tests either. But I love fabric, I love Harry Potter and I also love the Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. There are actually lots of books I really love . So my second block came out well too.
Most people made their books various different styles, but I have always wanted to have a matched library because if all my books were leather bound I would want them all to be similar and have an embossed title on the spine. I am so excited about starting this quilt. I have several ways that I can do the titles, I could embroidery them by hand or machine, I could use my brother scan and cut and cut them out that way.

OMG!! I wonder if I could do a reverse cut with the brother scan and cut and then place another piece of fabric under the block to have the letter stand out. I have to try that. I am off I have to do some ironing before I can start my next block.

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