Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bad posting habits

I have been very busy with classes and volunteering and getting stuff done around the house, so I haven't really been able to post much. But I have been busy cooking as well and I made two new dishes for me and I thought they looked and tasted really good so I thought that I would post about them.

I love to cook now cooking can get routine but it is up to you to change it up and you can experiment as well that is what I love about cooking. You can cook the same dish over and over and yet if you experiment it will come out differently each time. Now there is a drawback to this technique if you are like me you don't always pay attention to what you change so if it is really really good you may have just had a once in a life time experience. Now I do this often so I have now gotten my husband and daughter to help me with preparing certain dishes so that they can document what I do and then I go back and redo it this time using measurements. Now this is what happened with my stuffed mushrooms, lol now my husband calls these food porn and my daughter says num num and she is 20 soooooo I guess that is good, myself I don't like the feel of mushrooms in my mouth so its a no go for me but the stuffing is to die for lol.

And there they are. Now I also ran across a souffle recipe that I had to try as well it is a Bacon and Cheese souffle now I have never made a souffle before however, this one came out great so I typed up the recipe for that at as well. 
And that is my cooked souffle it was really good even reheated my husband liked it.

I do have the recipes typed up so if anyone wants them just let me know and I will send them to you. I don't know how to add them here other wise I would. I suppose I could type up a special post for each one and add them that way. I will have to think about it though. Now it is time to go.

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