Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Never Enough Time To Do All You Want

Here it is already December 23, 2014! I remember growing up and thinking I will never see the year 2000 I was never very good at math you know. And yet not only did I live to see it I have lived beyond it and am still going. As I look around myself these days so much has changed and so much is still the same, the parts that have changed in many ways I am ever so glad they did and the parts that have remained I am also ever so glad they did. My creativity is still so very strong in me and as I continue to explore this avenue I am slowly but surely building the confidence that I seek. My children are all grown and the final one will leave the nest to try her wings in a few months, I am not sure that this will be a final leave taking for her, however, I hope that she finds what she needs in life to feel the confidence and security that I have today.

I found that trying to work among chaos today doesn't work as well for me as it once did, sooooooo I have set myself a goal of finishing up small projects, gathering other projects together and doing a through cleaning and organizing for the New Year. With my last fledgling leaving the nest this opens up the avenue for a studio area for me and I am finding I like this idea as it means putting my creative chaos into one area and not spread all over. Of course this also means that I must adjust and arrange my creative material to fit into one room hmmm this shall be interesting as currently I have the hall closets and yes that is plural as there are three of them, the living room and the dining room as my playground right now how will I ever pair it all down to just room. Yes you got it I must clean and organize hence the remainder of 2014 will be spent going through everything I have. I have found that it is much easier for me to let go of things that I know I will never use today, where once I could not let loose anything as it may very well be useful one day.

OMG, how is it that I can be sitting here talking about cleaning up and organizing and bam another project just jumped into my mind. A quick flash thought of my daughters grandmother and the thought of an embroidery project that I started OH SO MANY YEARS AGO but never finished because of one reason or another and then it got stained and I have held onto to it for what ever reason and now I know what to do with it and it will be a perfect memorial for my daughter. I will of course have to pull it out and see how to incorporate this project as well. You see I am so obviously easily distracted by my own thought processes so it will definitely be a challenge to complete my organization that is needed. However, I am truly determined to do so. Of course I can't just clean and organize I also have to have something that I can work on to ease that need that I have. So I have also been working on a design for an umbrella for my nephew's fiancee as they are to be married in 2016. So I have begun to work on the pattern to create the umbrella here is a photo of my progress so far it is about 9 1/2 inches in diameter at this point and I believe I need it to be approximately 36 inches in diameter.

The last image is of another woman's work just to give an idea of what a finished product looks like I simply Googled what I wanted and saw her work and found that she has an Etsy shop and that she sells her umbrellas here:
From the reviews she does beautiful work so if there is a want for one right away she does have them available or can make them.

However, as I enjoy the work I am working on my soon to be nieces myself. I did finish my kitchen valance which makes me so happy   and my kitchen remodel is coming along really nice as well. It is so very different from the home we moved into about 3 years ago. 

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