Thursday, March 19, 2015

Update on my museum piece

On February 22, 2015 I posted photos about the Visions Museum Challenge that I am involved in. The Challenge was to create a 10" X 14" abstract piece. I finished that piece this month. It was quite the challenge as it was intended to be. I didn't even know what was considered abstract, so I did some research and then began drafting my idea. I then went and got several different fat quarters and decided to go with the dark brown background. I used an applique method but first I sewed the little pieces together by hand. I enjoyed this challenge and will probably do more. 
This will hang at the 

Visions Museum 
2825 Dewey Road 
Suite 100 
San Diego, Ca 92106

And the link to their website

 The fat quarters I chose to use.
 Design I thought about.
 The little squares I sewed by hand then appliqued on.
The completed piece abstract one.

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