Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Progress of Organization

In March of this year, I began the process of really going through all my craft supplies and attempt to put some order to them. I have made progress but I realized that I would be at this non-stop because not only do I go through supplies I keep buying more supplies, the key I have found is when I get more supplies is that I put those supply's away right away.

I cleaned up my fabric shelves so it works better. But I have also finished some projects up as well. I finished quilting and binding my Globetrotting Quilt design from Pat Sloan. And I pieced together another top by Pat Sloan her vacation time quilt. I used a lot of batiks in this quilt and really like how it came out. I still need to quilt and bind it but it is going along.

Below is my fabric shelves that I organized by wrapping my fabric around comic book boards. It really helps a lot.

 I got a new Accuquilt Go for Christmas and it is on its own little stand. I re-purposed an butcher block cabinet on wheels for my Accuquilt Go.
 My husband resized my cutting table again for me so that it fits better in the space available to me it about 36 inches by 72 inches. It works much better as I am short so it was difficult to reach across the table to the window.
 And he built me a nice shelf for my serger and a rack for some of my rulers. It is coming together for me in my sewing room.
Becoming organized is not an easy thing for me as I have so many projects that interfere with the process. The more I attempt to organize the more more projects I begin to think about as I run across stuff. However, I am determined to one day have it well organized.

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