Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dark Fairy Tales

Awhile back I bought some embroidery designs from Urban Threads if anyone has a embroidery machine or likes hand embroidery patterns this site has quite a few really nice patterns. I used my Singer Quintet embroidery machine and Metro embroidery thread

The Rapunzel has 13618 stitches, The Red Riding Hood has 22,208 stitches, poisoned apple has 14,147 stitches, the glass slipper has 13,553 stitches, The ugly duckling has 17,401 stitches, and the enchanted castle has 22,667 stitches. That is 103,594 stitches, each piece was created on a black canvas cloth with Metro thread number 1618 which is a white and 1656 which is red. I love the look of the filled in designs mixed in with the outlined design and lettering. These designs were fairly easy to stitch out and the only semi-negative on these designs is the lettering is a bit difficult to read at first.

I then stretched each design across 11" X 14" wooden frame and stapled them just like an artist canvas. Then each framed design was joined with the other designs to create the bottom collage. We added the wooden blocks to give it stability and added strength. The over all piece measures about 48" X 28".

The link to the set that I got is here:

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