Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pental Fabric Pastels

Awhile back my husband purchased me the Pentel Arts Pastel Dye Sticks I had never used these particular art sticks before so I thought I would test them out. First these are much softer than I thought they would be. They glided onto the fabric easily. They did not go on as smoothly as I thought they would, however, for a first attempt I think the project came out alright. Now it states to remove any starch or sizing from the fabric to maintain the color after washing. You use an iron to heat set the color onto the fabric. I did not remove the sizing from the panel that I used as it would have made the fabric very slippery as I was coloring it. And since I will only be washing this periodically as it will be a wall hanging, I felt that it would be easier to just leave the sizing in. 

I placed a piece of comic board between the fabric and the work area, that was in case there was any color bleed from the pastels. As these pastels feel much like oil pastels they can disperse through the fabric onto your work table.
This was the panel prior to adding color, this panel can be gotten here at

This is after I added the color. The colors came out lighter then I thought they would.However, I believe that I came out fairly well.

 All in all I believe that these deserve some more playtime from me. Once I quilt this panel I will post an updated post. I will wash the panel after the quilting is finished and will know how the color holds up.

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