Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sewing and Passing it on

I found my next quilt design that I want to try it has the star design and seems to be fairly simple to do. My biggest desire is to learn how to get my points straight and to line the rows up evenly. Of course that all means that if I cut straight and I sew in a straight line then it should be pretty simple to do right. Anyhow, after class tomorrow I am going to attempt this quilt. I think I will actually take pictures before cutting, after cutting and as I sew them together. This design is fairly simple and I think I will be able to bring it alive with some additional design thoughts that I have. I now have enough machines with decorative stitches to be able to really bring out some practice with this. At least that is my hope.

The site that I found the tutorial on for the blanket is here:


Now this is Palak's blanket  that she made but to give a quick idea, the colors I have chosen are red and cream. I will take pictures and let you all know how it works out.

I have about four weeks left of classes and next term I am taking a sewing class and two child development classes so I should have fun.

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