Sunday, November 17, 2013

Catching Up

Ok so I acknowledge that writing a blog is not something I do well, I may not even do it good. I forget all the time about putting my thoughts and actions down on paper. However, it isn't that life has been boring it is that I have been busy living life. I have finished up quite a few projects, I have started new projects, I have even asked myself why in the world did I do this or that. To show some of the finished projects now though. Here is the bird quilt that I started in July of 2012 I began it by doing some hand embroidery on the tree at my nieces wedding.

The quilt hanger was made by my husband it has birds scroll-sawed on the ends.

My next projects that I finished which I sent to my nephew and his fiance  are the flowers that I machined embroidered and then stretched just like a real painting, only done with thread.

I finished up some Halloween decorations that I have been working on as well.

And started a new Halloween wall hanging, So far it looks good but I need more trees I think.
So between these and a few other projects that I don't have photos of yet and the two classes that I am taking I have been very busy. I hope everyone is happy and doing what they want today.

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