Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Quilt Along

Last year, I found a quilt along that I really wanted to try it was Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Quilt. At first it was a journey of trepidation and then it became a journey on precision. I wanted to work on cutting the pieces straight and as close to the right size as I could. Maybe I should have chosen a less complicated quilt along but you know I just don't roll that way. I choose a project by how much it screams at me to do it. And this screamed at me to do it. Now, I had a couple of goals, one was to cut as well as I could, two was to try and keep up, and three was to complete the quilt. I blew goal two because I did not figure on classes keeping me away from the sewing machine but hey you have to have a few failures in order to truly appreciate the successes.

I really like how Pat Sloan does her quilt alongs she gives detail cutting instructions and she also has a fabric line she uses for her quilt alongs. I am truly more of a solids kind of girl because I like to add my own embellishments, so I chose to do a black and cream quilt, I had a great deal of the fabric already on hand so it was pretty easy coming up with the colors I wanted to go with.

Here is the link to Pat Sloan's tutorials for the Globetrotting Quilt

And below is one of Pat Sloan's colorways of the quilt made in her fabric it is very bright and pretty isn't it. I could totally do a red, gray, and black version of this as well.

Another thing I like about Pat's tutorials is she walks you through the steps, which makes it really easy to follow. And she has a facebook page that she is constantly replying to questions and suggestions. She has a new Block of the Month started this month for 2015 it is called Vacation Time. Here is the link to that one as well:

I haven't started the Vacation Time yet but I do plan to right after I finish putting together the Globetrotting top. And that is the really exciting part. I am hoping that by Saturday, January 24, which just happens to be my daughter's 21st birthday as well, I will have the top completed.

The above picture is 3/4's of my blocks put together, and I did get one out of order but hey my goal was to cut better, and since I already blew the keeping up portion the third goal was to complete it. And I am doing pretty good with the 2 out of 3 thing. And for the most part I managed to hit the desired size on most of my blocks. I still have some work on finding that perfect 1/4" seam or scant 1/4" seam they all talk about. But I got quite a few points to line up and am pretty proud of myself as most of these blocks I have never made before.

This is a shot of all the border pieces I have cut and you see that white polkadot on black fabric that was such a heartache, those pieces are 2-1/2" by 6-1/2' pieces. I needed 54 of those pieces, yep you got it I ran out of fabric and I only needed 6 more pieces. So yesterday had to run to JoAnnes to see if I could find fabric similar as I bought this fabric years ago. Well, I found something similar but not close enough to just add the six pieces in, I will have to recut all 54 pieces, but what I will do is use all the remaining pieces from this quilt to piece together the back.

This is where I had to stop because I ran out of the fabric. I am confident though that I will be able to piece a nice backing with the remaining fabric from this adventure. I just keep repeating my motto of the year: "It's the journey not the destination that matters".

On another note, yesterday I also got a really nice trip to a lumber yard and while there I saw a tree trunk that was really cool. This particular lumber yard goes and gets trees that have fallen down or have been felled for safety reasons I guess so it is all pretty cool. But I grabbed a picture that I thought would be really cool if I could reproduce in fabric.

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