Friday, January 2, 2015

Still On The Path To Organization

It's a New Year and I am still working on organization,if you are like me then you constantly have thoughts pop into your head. Those thoughts could be while your driving, cooking, cleaning, or even sleeping. Sometimes those thoughts are so vivid and so persistent that you know if you don't get them out of your head they are going to float around and around until you are consumed by them. You know you just have to do this project and then boom you go to get the material and the thought is now all jumbled and you forget that perfect vision. Because of this major affliction of mine, I have tried various methods of keeping these ideas in my head in some kind of easy clear method. Keeping these ideas in my head just didn't work.I had to devise a method that would keep the thoughts somewhat clear and for me that meant starting a collection which included so many different things. Just so you know besides the computer, groups, facebook, files, Pin Interest, Bookmarks and so forth I have taken a snapshot of a few more methods that I have used.
Yep, there are 9 other ways I have attempted to get the thoughts clear and concise, I have used a phone and a tablet to store pdfs, pictures. I have used post-it notes which I must tell you they are very easy to lose. The others are various forms of journals and they all have their pro's and con's.  I have found that it is best if I keep one by my bed, one in my bag, one on my sewing table, one on the living room coffee table, one in my kitchen. For me I needed not only a journal to write in but one to draw in, paste in, color in. I am still working on this form of containment and I don't have a clear direction of which way is best for me. I know I have lots of tutorials, pdfs, bookmarks much more than I will ever use I am sure. I know because of the lack of clutter the computer has become my favorite method of containment, however, I don't like not being able to easily find what I am looking for. So I am still in the process of searching for that perfect method for me of containing my ideas and my wants.

Yep it is just not an easy thing for me to keep track of all the thoughts and ideas that flow through my brain. My husband says that is because I am an "Artist" mind you he makes word sound like a mix of a Texas drawl and a Parisian accent. I know that he truly means this and believes it. I find that I can't go to a meeting or a class without taking some form of work with me. When I go to a long meeting I tend to take my crocheted work with to do. It is amazing to me how many people say they use to do it but no longer can because of this reason or that reason. For me I simply must do it, it is a driven compulsion, of course what do you do with all the products well for me that is not an easy thing to do, I love making it but I hate selling myself. So I am slowly but surely building up a great supply of items. And as I see someone or something that suits my item somehow it always seems to go there. For me it is all about the creation of it.

On The last day of 2014, I gathered up my notebook and I wrote down all of my current projects that were in progress and I wrote a list of projects that I want to do. On the list of my current projects I am in the process of looking at what I want done asap and what I know will take some time to do. I am thinking that this is the best way for me to do my projects. I have also made a list of projects that I know I want to do.  Tomorrow I will show you the list of my projects and I will go back through my posts and hopefully show updates of those projects at least mention if they are completed or not. 

As I mentioned to someone last night it isn't about the destination folks it is all about the journey.

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