Monday, January 26, 2015

Soon To Be An Empty Nester

My youngest just turned 21 will be moving into her own place in March. So during her waiting time she has been going through her furniture and she decided to let go of her piano. Which in turn opened up space in my dining room, her moving motivated me to begin to look around and see what things I liked and what things I wanted to change.

We have decided that her room we are going to take over for our office and the office is where I will set up my sewing area. So with that in mind I have decided to convert my L-Shaped desk into my sewing area and will use it to sew on with two of my machines. I am also going to convert the old glass top desk into a light table and printing station. I have already turned a bookcase into my fabric storage area. And my large filing cabinet has been converted to hold my patterns. I will be going through the patterns soon and most likely selling the patterns I never used and getting rid of the others one. I have lots of quilting patterns that I need to go through and organize. I realized that I have accumulated almost as many quilt pdfs, as I have accumulated embroidery patterns. Hoarding craft ideas is just something I have always done. Either today or tomorrow I will measure the room and furniture for the room and begin to decide how to set it up. Fortunately it is only being moved from one room to another and I have already begun to clean up and clear out stuff. So it won't be that big of a disruption in my sewing schedule. The final move date will be in March, this weekend we went and got a chair for my husband for in the sewing room so he can sit and browse his computer while I finish up. It always amazes me that he continues to support and encourage my sewing and crafting needs. He is truly my muse, he inspires me and gives great fabric color choice advice, he helped me this weekend go outside of my color comfort zone. One day I might even use a big print fabric.

I also did manage to finish my Globetrotting Quilt top by Saturday as I planned. I added the additional 4 inch border on it. And I am in the process of piecing the back together now. I am not doing any particular pattern with the back, I am just attempting to use the remaining fabric that I used in the front to create the backing. All the fabric originally came from my fabric collection, I had to buy more off white and more black and white polka dot, but otherwise this quilt is as they call it a stash buster, makes me happy. And I have made progress on my pattern for an crocheted umbrella for upcoming soon to be niece's wedding.
Going outside of my comfort zone to try new things is something that I resisted for a long time, however, I find that I invariable learn and grow when I do attempt to go outside of my comfort zone.

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