Sunday, March 27, 2016

One Year and Seven Days

I noticed while looking back in my blog that I posted about my daughter moving out that was just last year. The strangeness of not having any children living in the house has left. I have not really suffered from empty nest syndrome like many mothers that I know. I think in part because I immediately found a perfect spot for my sewing endeavors. I have made a sewing room and actually spend a great deal of time in there. The other thing that probably helps is my daughter only moved into our Granny Flat which is a 1+ bedroom flat. She has done quite well for herself attending school and working. It does amaze me though how the time has flown by. So many changes for me, the amount of creating items has increased and yet my schedule is still fairly manageable.

My biggest goal for this year was to once again get organized, to stay on task, and to complete projects. I have succeeded quite well at that so far. And I have added to my equipment, which means that I need to learn a new skill, quilting on a long arm is much different than quilting on a domestic machine. It is easier and yet not, I suppose the easiest part of it is that rather than fighting the quilt sandwich to push it through your domestic machine, you are learning to control the machine as it runs across your quilt sandwich.

So besides, my two classes that I have this semester, which starts back tomorrow, I will now be studying quilting techniques. Seriously, I think I will really prefer studying quilting techniques over Political Science and Physics.

 Finished my daughters Nightmare before Christmas Quilt.
 Am staying current with Pat Sloan's Secret Garden Block of the Month.
Finished quilting the Vacation Time Quilt from Pat Sloan's 2015 Block of the Month.

And only have 3 more sets of Christmas Ornaments to do and those will all be finished. There is a part of me that has considered giving a set each year to my two kids and my nephew and his wife every year for awhile. And maybe start a tradition. We will see.

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