Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Quilting or Embroidery

I spoke with my son a few months back and he said something to me that I have been replaying over and over and thinking about since he brought it up.He said that though my quilts were nice he preferred my embroidery over my quilting. I find both fun and interesting for me it is about the thread and the fabric, the amount of things you can do is phenomenal to me.
 This piece took me almost a year and I loved making it. I really love embroidery and I think it will always be something that I will love but is it something that I will always be able to do that is something else. Because I don't like to do printed patterns and I much prefer to create my own design and do different techniques so that each one is different.
But the above is quilting this has been something that I began planning around the first of February and it is for a challenge that needs to be finished by July 1st. 

Each project is different and each one has its fun parts, its tedious parts  and that ultimate sense of yes !!!! I did that but can they be compared no but what I have decided is they both have their merits and I love them both. And each time it is a new adventure.

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