Friday, March 4, 2016

Waiting Waiting

This semester at school I have beginning physics and I must say I have not been particularly pleased with how the classroom has been run. The Dean of the Department asked a professor who had retired to return to teaching and he did so, unfortunately he was not well enough to continue. So for the next 6 weeks the Dean of the Department taught the class off the top of his head. Now this says a lot for how much he knows about physics, however, it completely one hundred percent through the class itself into a downward spiral. Well, we got our new professor two weeks ago and had our first test this week. Now, I did okay on the test but it definitely was due mainly to the fact that I have been going over the problems in the book over and over attempting to understand what kind of problems they would be related to. Let's just say I am neither a math major or a science major. So now that this is out of my system let's talk about what I have been dying to work on.

I entered a quilt challenge this year, I have to create a quilt that is made up of 60% of a certain companies fabric. These fabrics are 100% hand dyed cotton. And I have been waiting for an additional 4 colors since February 19, well they will finally arrive today. Most likely after 3 o'clock, which kind of blows but doesn't, ok so it does if I am completely honest. However, it does give me the time to work on my other projects, like my daughter's quilt. Speaking of my daughter's quilt so yesterday I was doing the quilting of her quilt on my embroidery machine (it is one of the reasons I bought the machine) and I locked the machine up, I looked away for just a second to lift up some of the quilt because I didn't want it to drag and boom! Machine shut down, and would not come back on, just at that moment UPS arrived with 20 broad feet of lumber for my husband, did the driver wait nope dropped it right in front of the door and left. I was already agitated over my machine. But the wood was easy enough to move, the machine was a totally different story, but it also came back up after 20 minutes. It took me about 90 minutes however, to pull out all the stitching that was messed up because the machine shut down it also lost its place where it was working, which means I couldn't realign the stitches so all the previous stitches had to come out. The stitches are out for a fresh start today and we will see if I like how the stitching goes today. 

On a better note once I finish this quilt then I only have one more large quilt to do the quilting on and then I just have to catch up on the sampler that I am wanting to do. Oh ya I also will need to clean up the sewing room once again as usual when I work on a project the project takes up the whole space. I will also have to decide what I want to do with the scraps of fabric left over from my daughters quilt. I will probably make matching pillow cases or small pillows for her quilt. Not really sure yet. Because it was a purple, black and white quilt the smaller scraps will work great for the confetti art quilt I want to try soon. 

So as the title says I am waiting waiting waiting to start this new challenge.

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