Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I must be insane

I know I am totally insane, every time I see a new project I must start it. I have so many Projects going on inside my head let alone the projects that I see others making. I now have 3 or 4 quilts that I want to start on let alone the tablecloth I am crocheting. And yet my head continues to rattle with ideas, I have no concept of how these projects will go together, all I have is a finished picture in my head.

We are also still renovating and redecorating our home. We have our Granny Flat that is soon to be open for renting again so I will need to get that cleaned and rented out again. I will also be starting two classes in College towards the end of August.

At times though I really wonder how to stop the projects running through my head at least until I get the projects that I am working on currently finished. The hardest part is figuring out how to put it together.

I finally finished all of the ironing for this week, I still have a load of laundry to do and will always have at least one load of laundry to do though. I suppose I should write out my projects and at least than I can remember what my plans are so here it goes:

1. Crocheted Tablecloth-this is from a crocheted pattern-there are 169-31/2 X 31/2 motifs (that is just another fancy word for square though), it is a complicated pattern and it is made of size 10 crochet thread. I have always wanted a tablecloth made of this thread in a pineapple pattern but I didn't like the ones that are machine made. So this is my first step in working on getting the pineapple tablecloth. Here is a link to what I hope to one day be able to make for myself lol.

2. Bird Wall hanging- This one is a variation of a wall hanging that was done with appliques. I have posted pictures of my progress so far. hopefully soon I will be able to post the next section completed. I have three sections left to do on this, embroidery the butterflies, hand embroidery the leaves, quilt it.

3. Sunburst Quilt-this one is for a queen size bed, I will be making it with a diamond shape for the starburst. I have seen these done where strips are cut and joined, however, I want to put this together without the strips. I have the majority of the fabric and batting for this I just need to clean my cutting table off and begin to cut the pieces. I am going to cut and sew as I go with this that way I don't over cut what I need.

4. Flower Pictures-these are machine embroidered patterns from Embroidery Library. I just think they will look so cool done on canvas and framed. So that is what I am doing. I have the patterns, and the canvas, just need to figure out how to do what I want lol.

5. Fandom Quilt -this one 12 blocks will be hand embroidered and than put together. this one will hopefully be put together fairly quickly since hand embroidery is really more of first crafting love. I can probably hand embroidery in my sleep and this one a whole group of people are doing it so I know how this one basically goes together.

6. Lord of the Rings pieced wall hanging-this one I have the patterns but have not decided yet exactly how I will do it. What I do know is that the Lord of The Ring is my all time most favorite book.

7. Japanese Embroidered Dress Screen

8. Kitchen Towels and Potholders-These are because I need to replace many of my kitchen towels and my potholders and I want them to have a theme. These are simple and not really time consuming just need to make time and have the desire to do them.

9. Christmas Trees and Wreaths-these are miniature trees and wreaths that I need to decorate and prepare for Christmas Gifts. These are gifts so until I can find exactly what I want to decorate them with, I will be taking my time.

10. Christmas ornaments-these are glass bulbs that I want to hand paint as well as some free-standing lace ornaments. These I had hoped my acrylic paint would work but it doesn't look right so I need to go to a craft store and get the right paint.

11. Harry Potter Quilt or Wall hanging-this is another pieced work or I might try my hand at making embroidery patterns for them. This one is still in the planning stage, I still need to find the right design or make my own.

12. Reading Wall hanging- this one I am thinking it would be perfect for an elementary classroom reading corner. I want to embroidery some classic children's book titles on the books, as well as the current favorites. This one I have the instructions just need to decide how big, which titles and go from there.

Here is the partial list and yet a pretty good list  of the projects that I am currently working on. Now all I need to do is figure out how I am going to put them together. Some, I have a good idea of how to do it because all I have to do is follow directions.Others are still in my head not fully defined as of yet. They will get there though.

However, before I can really complete any of them I really must organize my sewing and craft supplies much better than I have them now. So I need to really buckle down and go through my stuff to inventory what I have and look at what I need to get.

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