Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From Dreaming to Actuallity

     Dreaming is fun and it can be healthy, however if all we ever do is dream how then will we progress. Therefore, this past weekend in between working on remodeling our kitchen cabinets, running to stores and appointments, I drew out the outline of my Dragon. I worked on the Dwarven Runes and took a USB drive to a Staples and had them print me a copy of my Project out onto a 24 X 30 sheet it may actually be a bit bigger than that. To do this it cost me about $4. This might seem like a lot of money and when you add it into the overall cost of the project it isn't even a drop. It is I think a necessary step though, by the time I had gotten it home I knew the runes were proportioned well, but the dragon was too small for what I was hoping to do. Which is okay because it was the proportion of the runes that I was having a problem with not the size of the Dragon that I wanted to do. I then took that copy and transferred the runes to another drawing of the dragon that I made that was more to the size that I wanted. I still have to transfer the runes to the plastic vinyl piece that I will use to overlay the canvas as I work on it.

   And to continue to make progress, yesterday I took inventory of the items I have purchased so far to work on my Dragon. I figured the best way for me to keep tabs on everything is to actually write it all out and take pictures of it.  It really is amazing how much material you think you will use but will I end up using all of it well I don't really know, what I do know is that as I have wandered in the shops and online I have found some amazing things for Smaug's creation and they just had to go home with me. Today, I have a few things I still have to do like going grocery shopping, doing laundry, doing ironing and some house keeping. Then I need to finish sewing up my other two roman blinds I did finish one and got it hung and it works for me.  So life does intercede and I must take care of the basics in order to continue making my dreams into an actual piece.

So here are a few quick pics of what is to be used in my Dragon and to give credit where credit is due, many of the items were bought at JoAnn's and Micheal's but I did find this wonderful charm shop online I believe it was at Esty and I have included her business card with my photos because the charms were just so cute and perfect and they were really reasonable priced she is in Canada, hmm I wonder if that means my Dragon is an International Creation?

The Place where I picked up my charms except the crowns and keys.

Let's see we have crossbows, axes, hour glasses, crowns, keys, birds, swords and shields,

Don't you just love this little skull bead. 

This is my roman shade.

So now that you have just a glimpse of what I have been up to the last few days, I am off and will post some more pre-op photos tomorrow. It is really hard to do this the right way instead of just jumping in and starting this is a whole new experience for me really it is.

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