Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pursuing My Dream

 Yesterday I posted about how to start working on your dreams and I told you a little bit about my life and the changes that have occurred in my life. Today, I am going to tell you the steps I have taken to step up and own my dream. My birthday was in the beginning of July and this year my husband and I joined an Mixed Media Art Museum, as a member they have challenges twice a year that would allow me to display a piece of my work. Now my job is to overcome my trepidation and actual attend the monthly meetings, which means I must drive downtown in order to do this and for those of you, who know me know this is not something I am comfortable doing. So the last Friday of this month is the meeting and I am hoping nothing comes up that tells me or gives me an excuse not to go.

 Now the second thing I have begun to do which I actually began in May when my classes ended is to get myself organized. I am not completely there yet, it is happening though. I have gone through every bin, box, drawer, bag of craft and sewing supplies that I have. I have sorted, tossed, folded, ripped, and mingled with everything and put it together by simple virtue of venue, paint is with paint, pencils and pens are together, fabric is sorted, folded, and cut, thread glorious thread, you know I think I have more thread than anything else, I have sewing thread, quilting thread, embroidery machine thread, hand embroidery thread, serger thread, cotton thread, crochet thread, yep you name it I got it. I have rolled and sorted all my hand embroidery thread and have them in little boxes, my machine embroidery thread is together as well as the crochet and sewing thread. Projects were gathered together and listed (well still working on that to be honest). I have acquired a few items that I procrastinated on getting because why ever would I get them they are so expensive and I will never truly branch out and use them right? Well if you never get them you won't ever use them, you will just keep saying I wish I had them.

The third thing I have done is joined some groups online that do a monthly challenge and one of those challenges was to make an art journal cover and this is mine, which I actually made myself, trying different techniques and I posted it as well. I used pastels, and acrylic paints, sharpie markers and thread on fabric to create my notebook. It is not perfect, however it is a start. And that is all that anyone can ask for when beginning the journey of pursuing you dreams.

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