Thursday, August 14, 2014

How Life Can Interrupt Your Dreaming

       I got a phone call on Tuesday that caused me to interrupt my intended plans for yesterday. So with that being said, I was not able to work on my Dragon and I got very little done on my Roman Blinds. What I did get done was I pulled up some designs on my embroidery machines and began to stitch them out. I was able to complete one, (which just by the off chance that the person whom these are for happens to stumble upon my blog would see it) I can not post that picture yet. The other piece that I did, hmm, well lets just say that frustration was the name of this piece. I broke 2 count them two needles on this piece then it began to behave. I thought. I got through 18 of 42 color changes.Then the third needle that I placed in, I must not have tightened it down enough, because it got pulled out and skewed the fabric. So, needless to say, several hours of work went down the tube. It is not salvageable to me because it is too far off. The photos below show the overall picture and in the second picture I have shown with arrows how far off the design went and where it started. I must say with hand embroidery this does not happen as often. You can have problems, but they are different kinds of problems. And usually as long as your not doing counted cross-stitch, are fairly easy to fix, On machine embroidery it is often much harder to fix.

So my plan today is to work on this design and hopefully get it done correctly and hopefully get my rings sewn onto my Roman Blinds so they will be ready to hang this weekend. Then I will have one more project marked off my list of projects.

Next time I will post links to sites that can help you organize your projects and possibly get you into a position that helps you to know exactly what you have left to work on. Until then continue to live life and pursue your dream.

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