Monday, August 18, 2014

Organization and dreams in life

       Organization, well that is a mouthful in and of itself.  According to Merriam-Webster online the definition of organization is three-fold to make it simple I have brought the definition to the forefront of my life.
       : a company, business, club, etc., that is formed for a particular purpose
      : the act or process of putting the different parts of something in a certain order so that they can be found or used easily
      : the act or process of planning and arranging the different parts of an event or activity

So let’s look at the definitions, I can honestly say that at the moment a company is not what I need, so we will skip that definition. Now the second definition is definitely what I am attempting to do with myself and the various areas of my life. And the third definition also applies to what I am trying to do. When organizing it is always difficult to get started because when you think about the whole project it becomes overwhelming. This is what I did, first I began by looking around my house to discover the various different areas that required some form of organization and I chose the smallest area first. Let’s face it we all want to know we are making progress right and as this is the month of August that means school is going to begin and then the full round of Holidays will begin and we know that time becomes a precious commodity.
So first step is to make your list it can be a simple list or a long list whichever is easier for you:
         Example: Fabric Organization
                           Gather all your fabric in one spot, doesn't really matter if that spot is a cabinet, tub, or floor, or in my case a wardrobe bought to store the fabric. Gather either comic book backings like these:

Or Acid free foam core board like this

Measure the space that you will be putting your fabric and wash, dry, iron and then fold your fabric around your chosen backing board. I prefer the comic book backings myself because I don't have that added step of cutting the boards to size. Also rather than buying from Amazon, you can look for a comic book store in your area and they will most likely carry these in stock and for about half the cost.  

Here is a tutorial on wrapping your fabric around the boards.  I thought about writing my own tutorial but you know if you search google your apt to find a tutorial on just about anything and if you don't then you know that it may be a good thing to write one up if you know how to do it easier or there isn't one there. In this case Cut To Pieces by Angela Pingel is great and full of details. She also gives a quick shot on how to store fat quarters here as well.

Go from this 

To this, I am still working on getting this even more organized but this isn't bad for a first swing.

Now you get the picture right. Okay so here are some links on articles about organization.    this is an article on the difference of using plastic to cardboard or metal boxes. It has some good points and it has some rather obvious points but I felt I should be open to suggestion.    this is a website where she offers organization and daily sheets.  You can order notepads or you can order a digital download. Whichever is easiest for you.  This is a great idea for one of those old metal filing cabinets. I know my husband may find this useful in his shop.  this is a way to store all those fabric scraps instead of storing the pieces of fabric to one day use try this one. and here is a free downloadable daily to do list and another complete planner download.

    All of these links will show you or provide you with ways in which to bring organization to your life and in doing so help you to bring dreams to life as well.

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