Monday, August 25, 2014

School Started on August 19

Ok so classes started up again for me on August 19, so now every Tuesday and Thursday I am in classes all day. I am taking a Mixed Media class, Graphics Art which I thought was on the computer but is actually all done manually which may present a challenge as I don't draw. And my last class is Photoshop, which is humorous as well as I don't take pictures to often. However, I took all of these classes in the hopes of furthering my understanding of how to design and properly proportion my work. I have always had ideas but my ability to see things 3-D is seriously lacking in my mind. Each of my classes are 3 hours long and with only about 10 minutes in between classes. My daughter and her friend are also taking classes so it keeps me motivated to go.

Now on the home front I have also been busy, we have begun the remodeling of the kitchen, we pulled out the oven in the wall cabinet and built the basic structure for the new oven and it is now in place. We tore out the old cook top and the new one is in the shop waiting on the new counter tops to arrive. We refinished the front door and replaced the glass in it and I must say I am just loving the front door now. It adds light into the hallway and the deeper color on the door makes it look very nice. Here are some pictures of it now the first picture is what the door looked like before we remodeled it and the second and third picture is looking at it from the outside after the remodel and the fourth is a close up of the window.

I am really pleased with how it all came out. My husband and I each look at a project and we discuss it and look for ideas of what we want once we have decided what we wanted then we look for the material we will need. We went through several ideas for replacing the stained glass that was in the door first. At first we thought about finding a new stained glass but we couldn't really find one that suited us. Then we considered putting in two pieces of glass and filling the space with marbles to give it a dimensional look but that didn't work either. The final result came from a visit to Rockler's where we saw the perfect fit for us and here is the link for where they have several different  pieces to look at.

And a local glass company cut the glass to the size we needed. And now we have the perfect combination that we both enjoy.

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