Monday, January 18, 2016

Another Semester Begins

Today is Monday, Martin Luther King day it is the last Monday off that I have for the next sixteen weeks. I want to be able to accomplish several projects as well to complete while I am in classes. So here is my list of projects that I hope to be able to work on and keep going while I am in classes.

1. My Mardi Gras Girl I have her going but need to continue to work on her and keep making progress.

2. Keep working on organizing my sewing space.

3. A very special baby blanket, hopefully have it completed and mailed by the third week of February if not definitely finished by May 19th.

4. Keep working on Pat Sloan's block of the month-it is only one block a month

5. Finish crocheting my ornaments. I have 4 full boxes of glass ornaments to cover and 2 more in a box of six to complete.

6. Continue to blog and make progress in that area as well.

7. Get my projects organized and put the fabric and the patterns and ideas together that way I don't use the material for something else and then wonder hey what happened to .. you know what

So those are my desires for this year with my textiles. And while I am doing all that I need to be able to keep up with my classes and hopefully be able to transfer to the San Marcos University this fall to get my bachelors and my teaching credentials. Sometimes I really think I bite of more then I can chew. But you only live once, and I have a life I thoroughly enjoy today.

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