Monday, January 25, 2016

Mardi Gras Girl is stretched on frame

 I began this piece with the idea from a coloring book page, I tried many different techniques in the attempt to get her laid out right, First I enlarged the picture and then I thought I would use freezer paper and do applique but instead I chose to cut the design out of the fabric with an exacto knife and then use a backing fabric and use an applique stitch around each cut piece.
All in all she was a great deal of fun to work with and a huge learning curve for me. She measures about 19 by 22 inches I believe. My husband will be making an outer frame for her soon as well.
In other news today is my second class day of my semester. I have only 4 more boxes of ornaments to crochet around. I am getting my sewing space organized and cleaned up. As you can see in the picture my craft/cutting table actually has some room on it. this was pretty amazing for me as on Saturday the 22nd she was filled no room to be had.

Getting organized is much easier when you are using things up and not immediately replacing the item with something else.

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