Sunday, January 31, 2016


I have always struggled with how to mark progress, is it getting closer to finishing a project or is it getting closer to understanding how something goes together, or is it mastering a skill. Well, in reality all of these are a form of progress. It has taken me many years, many projects, many failures to understand that true progress is the ability to try something new and not feel like a failure when what you tried doesn't work out the first time, the progress comes when your willing to try again. That to me is progress, I always felt that I had to pick up the technique right away and if I didn't  it meant that I would never get it.

Awhile back I posted about what I wanted to accomplish and I made a list here is the update of that list:

First on my list was the Mardi Gras girl it was started in 2015 from a coloring book page to me making a list on January 18th, to me stretching her across a frame on January 25th. Progress, well this weekend we went to pick up wood so my husband could make a frame for her and that is also progress.

Second was to keep organizing my sewing space-I have managed to add to my storage space and I am making a little progress in putting things away into the space I have allotted for them.

Third was a special baby blanket, oh my have I made progress, I located the picture I wanted and found the fabric and appliqued the main design on and then I thought well it needs flowers, did I choose a simple flower pattern no! I chose multiple single petals to form the flower. But, still I am making progress.

As this is January 31, Pat Sloan hasn't released her 2nd block so I am still on schedule for that. Of course I still need to quilt the previous block of the month that she did but that is next after the baby blanket.

Fifth was my crocheted ornaments I have 3 boxes of 6 to still do but I completed the box that only needed two more done and started a new box and out of that box I have crocheted 3 so still making progress on that and I still have lets say 10 months before I need to ship them off. And the cool part is I have wrapped the other 7 boxes that I did and labeled them with the names of the people who are to receive them so next I will address the Christmas cards and attach them as well. Staying ahead of the game here.

Sixth was to continue to blog and I seem to be doing fairly well with that as well.

However, on the last one label and sort all my projects I haven't really made much progress on that as I have been focused on finishing up projects which in and of itself is also progress, because if I finished a project then I don't need to store the project right!

I have found that though applique is a time consuming method I really like the outcome of it and I am following a woman who has a passion for applique and she has released 3 Blocks of the Month recently all applique work. I will continue to download the patterns but I am only going to do one at a time as it does take up space and time. So the wonderful woman who designed the quilts her name is Esther Aliu her website is here:  and she has several blocks of the month going on but you need to join her face book groups for them. The first one I am doing is her 'Lily Rose' I figure that one will give me new techniques to work on and I can progress through her Blocks and onto her other quilts.

And still I am attending classes every Monday and Wednesday. And in May we will be flying to the East Coast. So yes, progress is the word of the year for me. And because I just can't have an all word post here is a photo of my work in progress.

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